Greater Macedonia Deacon Board
*Deacons are assigned to members by last names. 
For example, if your last name starts with an E, or an F; then your Deacon would be Deacon Rice.

Chairman Rondal Bingham

Chairman of Deacon Board
Last Names: N, O, P, Q

Deacon Eric Norris

Last Names: U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Deacon Albert McElroy

Last Names: J, K

Deacon Darnell Rice

Last Names: E, F

Deacon Isaiah Owens

Deacon Greg Weaver


Vice Chairman of Deacon Board
Last Names: L, M
Youth Ministry

Deacon Ronnie Smith

 Last Names: C, D, H

Deaconess Anner Roberson

 Last Names: R

Deaconess Ema Morning

 Last Names: A, B

Deacon Sean Stanford



Last Names: S

Deacon Joseph Roberson

 Last Names: G, I, T

Jr Deacon Kendall Young